The Edges

There are those weeks when it’s business as usual. Meetings, inboxes, bills, bins, cleaning the fridge out.

And then there are weeks when you step out into something magical and transformative…

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Who stole my Creativity?

Our role is not to “teach” Creativity, but rather to create a fertile environment in which Creativity can be engaged with across the layers of capacity, ability and practice.

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The Art of Forest Bathing

Forest Bathing is a practice which enables an individual to both connect with the non-human world externally and connect with themselves internally, as such this chimes with both our pursuit for a sustainable mindset and the development of our own wellbeing.

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Why Collaborative Action? Why Cymbrogi?

More than ever the world requires us to recognise and harness our capacity for collaboration. Only through collaborative activity can we address the challenges we face today and tomorrow, as individuals and as a culture.

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“The wellbeing elements have allowed me to reflect better and achieve a better balance in life. I also now use some of the strategies in class to energise or ground my class throughout the day.”