Owning your Wellbeing

We know educators who are struggling to meet the demands of their workload and the stress of all the red tape; teachers who want to be there for their learners, learners’ parents, colleagues and their own families.

Oh, and then there’s the new curriculum.

Then they’re told that they have to prioritise their wellbeing… but what does that even mean when the brain and body is on overload and there’s no room in the week?

Cymbrogi works with educators in a uniquely tailored and responsive way to help them unearth what ‘wellbeing’ means for them, individually.

Once they own their wellbeing journey, they are equipped to show up for the many different people who depend upon them on a daily basis.

During our summer Educator’s ‘What Matters?’ residential, we brought together teachers from primaries and secondaries in Wales to share their challenges, celebrate their daily positives and find resilience and inspiration in each other’s stories. We immersed them in a place of deep nature and allowed them to slow down. By shifting their environment – and truly stopping – powerful shifts took place. “We don’t stop to think about our families, to think about ourselves”, we were told. Our residential gave them that time, that full exhale out.

Being ‘well’ might involve a lifestyle that looks very different to the one you are living now. By exploring how your body and mind respond to stress and building in real reflection time to think about what things actually feels like, you will naturally take the lead on where you wish to go.

And you might be surprised by what it reveals. From one participant…

"I really enjoyed the time to reflect that you offered on Day 1. It made me realise that it takes time to “wind down” before I can even begin to reflect and evaluate..."

Foraging with Gary

This wellbeing journey is a slowing down and submersion into a different way of being. It is a collective expedition into new terrain, to test out novel ideas. It is unplugging from a system and lifestyle that is unsustainable and rewiring a new programme designed to give you relief, relaxation and meaningful connection.

This 2 day residential takes place on our stunning site in Lawrenny. Working together with other educators and Champions in wellbeing and creative play, it includes nourishing, ethically-sourced and home-grown food to sustain you and a bed for the night in The Old Schoolhouse metres from the site.

It’s a carefully designed programme of informative workshops, creative sessions, periods of rest, prompted reflection and the time to simply be and talk with each other. Our aim is that – should you wish it – you will create, collaboratively, a Health & Wellbeing policy for your school that doesn’t feel like a ‘policy’ – it feels like something you can’t wait to put into practice.

"[We got] time to talk... not just about problems but... sharing positive experiences that people do in their schools to promote health and wellbeing for staff, children and communities"

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"Thank you so much for such a fantastic day on Monday! We are going to hold our first changemaker club next week!"

Young Changemakers Participant