We exist to equip today’s learners and educators with the knowledge, skills and mindsets they need to shape tomorrow’s sustainable world.


By taking you on a journey of positive change-making.

By sharing future-smart knowledge from a fast-changing world.

By empowering you with essential skills of the future – creativity, critical thinking, collaboration & communication.

By immersing you (whenever possible) in nature to learn and be well.

What difference do we hope to make?

We want learners and educators to feel empowered to make a difference…

In their own lives.

In their own schools.

In their local communities.

In their global communities.

And to take that learning and apply it to real world challenges in the workplace and beyond, and in doing so become true citizens and change-makers in a thriving and sustainable world.

"I now use several of the creativity activities during introduction of my outdoor learning and PE sessions."

Educators: What Matters? Participant