Young Changemakers

Looking for day programmes or residentials with a difference? That connects learners to nature and each other? That build confidence in their creative skills development and problem-solving rooted in the real world? Aligned to the Curriculum for Wales?

We’re going on a journey!

Our Young Changemaker programme is designed primarily for Y4-6 (ages 8-11). Delivered as 1 day workshops, stand alone or part of a series of consecutive workshops over a term/year taking learners on a ‘Changemaker’ journey from Explore & Connect, to Collaborate & Create, through to Design and Change.*

* We can also tailor to specific needs depending on your school focus for the term/year.

Real world challenges

  • Focused on real-world sustainability challenges, local and global (e.g. food, fashion, energy, plastics, etc)
  • Designed to develop knowledge, skills and mindsets needed for climate-smart futures.
  • Rooted in creative play and design-thinking that is collaborative in nature
  • Inspired by nature, our original guide to the Circular Economy

Little Bundles of Joy

Little Bundles of Joy: who doesn’t like these! Want to programme in a full term or year’s activities that covers all the learning bases? We can offer you a discounted package of 3 designed learning days with a difference. Themes that build on specific skills (such as creative storytelling & songwriting), knowledge (e.g. renewable energy, systems thinking) or mindsets (wellbeing, collaborative team-building)

Transition days

Transition Days: we understand the stress and challenge of that move to secondary school… let us help you design a day that builds confidence and connectivity for learners so they get the best possible start to a new stage of life.

Design your Future

Calling all Imagineers! The future is coming at us, and fast. This day takes learners on a journey of imagineering that allows them to design their own futures – the stuff they eat, the places and things they care about, the world they want. They take home their own blueprint for life reimagined as if people and planet mattered.

Aligned to Curriculum for Wales

(For Wales based educators) This learning journey is aligned with the 4 Purposes; the 6 AoLE’s and the Integral Skills. It also draws inspiration from the Global Goals.

Essential Information

Key Features:

  • A 1 day workshop at Cymbrogi HQ, stand alone or part of a series of consecutive workshops taking learners on a ‘Changemaker’ journey.
  • An enquiry-driven, interdisciplinary and nature-orientated pedagogy, aligned with the Curriculum for Wales and Global Goals.
  • Develops knowledge, skills and mindsets to help learners practise and grow the innate Changemaker within…

What’s included?

  • Pre-visit planning with Cymbrogi Crew to prepare for/design the visit
  • Exclusive use of our inspirational site in Lawrenny, Pembrokeshire
  • A 1 day immersive workshop with Cymbrogi Core Crew
  • Kit List and Pre-visit tasks
  • (Optional) follow up zoom class check-in to hear progress on Changemaker pledges

How Much??

Budget: 1 day workshop: £765 per class for up to 30 students + accompanying teachers (or £20/head).** Inclusive of resources, pre and post-visit online support and reflection activities. Ask us about options for a 2 day residential (camping on site or youth hostel accommodation in the village).

**Discounts available for advance or multiple bookings, plus £100 vouchers for bus transport.

"I now use some of the wellbeing strategies in class to energise or ground my class throughout the day."

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