Tomorrow's Changemakers

In a fast-changing and climate-challenged world, the way we learn has to change - and fast. Our Tomorrow’s Changemaker journey is designed to equip today’s learners and educators for tomorrow’s world.

We hosted our 2023 Tomorrow’s Changemaker ‘Hackathon’ at The National Botanic Garden of Wales.

What is a Changemaker?

This is a unique learning experience centred on real-world challenges and enquiry-based learning. Change-makers are the new heroes of our age. They are people young and old who want to make a positive difference…to their world, a world, or THE world. But to do that they need the right knowledge, skills and mindsets to help them on their way. That’s why we’re here.

A learning journey on stuff that matters

  • A blended learning journey of online resources centred on knowledge that matters: systems, change, circular economy, sustainability
  • Skills that matter: collaboration, creativity, communication and critical thinking
  • And mindsets that matter: compassion, kindness, curiosity, confidence
  • Designed for learners at KS3 – Y7 and Y8
  • Delivered over a term, at a pace that suits you and your learners

Real world challenges

  • A supported skills challenge focused on a ‘real life’ business challenge… (e.g. food, fashion, energy, waste, tourism)
  • A live hackathon event with a business ‘sector challenger’ where learners get to apply everything they’ve learned – and win prizes!
  • Knowledge, skills and mindsets to shape climate-smart futures

Aligned to Curriculum for Wales

(For Wales based educators) This learning journey is aligned with the 4 Purposes; the 6 AoLE’s and the Integral Skills. It also draws inspiration from the Global Goals.

Essential Information

Key Features / What’s Included:

  • A set of 8 online, inquiry-led ‘Ignite’ modules designed around…
    …4 Key Concepts (Change, Sustainability, Systems, Circularity) and 4 Key Skills (Creativity, Collaboration, Communication, Critical Thinking)
  • Primarily teacher-led, self-paced, complete with teacher notes
  • Mix of interactive, video-based and experiential learning
  • A mini-enterprise challenge based on a real world problem, leading to…
  • A second bigger onsite hackathon enterprise challenge – with prizes!
  • Designed to deliver over the course of 2 terms (Spring-Autumn/Autumn-Spring)
  • Supported by Cymbrogi at each stage of the journey


  • Online modules delivered in class at your pace
  • Onsite hackathon – a surprise…(either at a location hosted by Cymbrogi – or our enterprise challenge sponsor!

How Much??

Resources for this programme are currently free (2023/4). Schools pay only transport costs for hackathon event.

"It was one of the most inspiring days I’ve had at work. It was crystal clear that the learners had really engaged with the modules of the programme and felt empowered to be part of the solution."