Tomorrow's Changemakers

In a fast-changing and climate-challenged world, the way we learn has to change - and fast. Our Tomorrow’s Changemaker journey is designed to equip today’s learners and educators for tomorrow’s world.

What is a Changemaker?

This is a unique learning experience centred on real-world challenges and enquiry-based learning. Change-makers are the new heroes of our age. They are people young and old who want to make a positive difference…to their world, a world, or THE world. But to do that they need the right knowledge, skills and mindsets to help them on their way. That’s why we’re here.

A learning journey on stuff that matters

  • A blended learning journey of online resources centred on knowledge that matters: systems, change, circular economy, sustainability
  • Skills that matter: collaboration, creativity, communication and critical thinking
  • And mindsets that matter: compassion, kindness, curiosity, confidence
  • Designed for learners at KS3 – Y7 and Y8
  • Delivered over a term, at a pace that suits you and your learners

Real world challenges

  • A supported skills challenge focused on a ‘real life’ business challenge… (e.g. food, fashion, energy, waste, tourism)
  • A live hackathon event with a business ‘sector challenger’ where learners get to apply everything they’ve learned – and win prizes!
  • Knowledge, skills and mindsets to shape climate-smart futures

Aligned to Curriculum for Wales

(For Wales based educators) This learning journey is aligned with the 4 Purposes; the 6 AoLE’s and the Integral Skills. It also draws inspiration from the Global Goals.

Essential Information

Key Features / What’s Included:

  • A set of 8 online, inquiry-led ‘Ignite’ modules designed around…
    …4 Key Concepts (Change, Sustainability, Systems, Circularity) and 4 Key Skills (Creativity, Collaboration, Communication, Critical Thinking)
  • Primarily teacher-led, self-paced, complete with teacher notes
  • Mix of interactive, video-based and experiential learning
  • A mini-enterprise challenge based on a real world problem, leading to…
  • A second bigger onsite hackathon enterprise challenge – with prizes!
  • Designed to deliver over the course of 2 terms (Spring-Autumn/Autumn-Spring)
  • Supported by Cymbrogi at each stage of the journey


  • Online modules delivered in class at your pace
  • Onsite hackathon – a surprise…(either at a location hosted by Cynbrogi – or our enterprise challenge sponsor!

How Much??

Resources for this programme are currently free (2023/4). Schools pay only transport costs for hackathon event.

“Thank you so much for such a fantastic day on Monday! We are going to hold our first changemaker club next week!”

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