We are a group of Educators, entrepreneurs, experts in sustainability, well-being, creative skills and collaborative activity; adventurers, poets and storytellers. What brings us together is the belief that learning must be done differently.

Liza Lort-Phillips

Founder & CEO

A farmer’s daughter, Pembrokeshire born, Liza strayed far from home before heeding the call of Cynefin (‘sense of place’ in Welsh) and returning to her roots. She has worked in sustainability for over 20 years, and has lived in China, Africa and Latin America, working with some of the world’s biggest brands, charities and social enterprises. Time spent in both farms and factories around the world has taught her much about the interconnectedness of local livelihoods, global consumer choices and the need for systems change.

Inspired by The UN Global Goals, Wales’ Wellbeing of Future Generations Act and a desire to put her skills to work for the next generation of educators and learners, she established Cymbrogi Futures in 2019. When time allows, she co-creates pop up poetry workshops, and volunteers as a mentor for young asylum-seekers.

Ian Chriswick

Director & Lead Educator

Educator and change-maker, Ian is our lead on all things Curriculum for Wales. With 20 years teaching & senior leadership at secondary level under his belt, Ian is passionate about putting the new curriculum for Wales to work – for both learners and educators.

A former Maths teacher and senior leadership member at Ysgol Bro Dinefwr in Carmarthenshire, Ian decided to leave mainstream education to pursue his passion for a different way of teaching and learning…(We like to think his visit to Cymbrogi helped him make that decision..;-) And we’re delighted he’s joined us as Core Crew! When he’s not working with us, he is part-time College Lecturer at Gower College, Swansea, putting his passions to work with young adults, though garden and landscaping projects.

Beth Power


Beth has worked in education for 12 years She is passionate about learning done differently – STEAM and outdoor learning in particular.

She loves experiential research and investigating the benefits of outdoor and beach-based activity and its links to physical development and wellbeing. More recently she has explored the importance of non-verbal communication in the context of non-mammalian animals and young children in educational settings. Beth leads our Young Changemaker programmes.

Matthew Jones

Conversations Manager

Matthew is both a designer and musician. He worked in an ALN school for 10 years, as a music therapist and the school’s design lead, before moving to West Wales to learn to live more simply.

Matthew is also a published songwriter and recording artist, and has travelled all around the world performing on stage. 

He is passionate about helping empower people to find their own voice, and in turn build a sense of connection with themselves, others and the world around them.

Cymbrogi Champions

We are a small team, but we work with a wider ecosystem of Cymbrogi Champions with all sorts of skills and expertise.

"Wow what a fabulous day we enjoyed with you all at Cymbrogi yesterday. We will certainly remember this celebration for a long time to come."

Cymbrogi CIC Workshop Participant