Educators 'What Matters'

Sometimes a day is just not enough. This is a unique and highly-personalised 2 day onsite programme of activities designed to help educators properly unpack and recharge - physically, mentally and professionally. Our brilliant crew act as your guides on this journey, and nature does the rest.

Restore, Reflect, Replenish

We know that you’ve chosen a profession in which you rarely put yourself first. And we know that teacher burnout is at an all-time high. This is neither sustainable for you, nor your learners or your family. Which is why this 2-day residential is designed to put you first. It’s also designed to leave you rested, revitalised, re-connected to yourself, each other and nature. And with some new confidence, learning, tools and tricks to take back to the classroom.

Curated by a crew that cares

You’ll be guided by a bespoke Cymbrogi team put together specifically to meet your needs. Champions and experts in wellbeing, sustainability and creativity. Foragers, storytellers and scientists. People who understand the challenges of a new curriculum, shaping the next generation of young minds in a fast-changing world. They are there to inspire you, help grow your confidence – and your mind.

Nurtured by nature

Cynefin (Welsh word for ‘sense of place’) runs through everything we do. And our place becomes your place for these two days. Connect to nature and local landscapes through the eyes of local story-tellers, practise your own wellbeing, and learn how to take that practice back into your working life.

Aligned to Curriculum for Wales

(For Wales based educators) These learning journeys are aligned with the 4 Purposes; the 6 AoLE’s and the Integral Skills. It also draws inspiration from the Global Goals.

Essential Information

Key Features:

  • A bespoke 2 day programme co-created with and for you
  • Core elements – wellbeing, sustainability, creativity & collaboration (flexed to fit your priorities)
  • Personal and collective ‘change-making’ pledges
  • A team of expert guides and practitioners – with local and global experience
  • Inspirational spaces and places in which to think, plan, do…and rest.
  • Explicit and implicit links to the CfW and Four Purposes

What’s included?

  • Pre-visit planning & design with Cymbrogi team
    1 night’s onsite accommodation – either comfortable camping or shared rooms at the Old Schoolhouse with hot showers.
  • Delicious hot food and drink – locally-made and sustainably sourced
    (including a glass of wine around the campfire 🙂)
  • Pre- and post-event survey to assess participant experience and learning
  • Discount family tickets to the country’s best-loved festival in May (The Big Retreat Wales).

How Much??

Prices depends on the number of participants. For a group of 12, £280/head including food and accommodation. Minimum of 6 required. Discounts available for a full group over 10.

"The wellbeing elements have allowed me to reflect better and achieve a better balance in life."

Educators: What Matters? Participant